Special High Quality Composite UHMWPE Gloves

Special High Quality Composite UHMWPE Gloves

UHMWPE is a single of the world’s a few large-tech fibers (carbon fiber, aramid and extremely-high molecular fat polyethylene fiber) and the hardest fiber in the entire world. It is “mild and skinny like paper, difficult as metal” and 15 instances much better than metal.

It was commonly employed in The United States, CZPTpe, Japan and numerous other countriesin weapons analysis and advancement, aerospace, navigation, electronics, weapons, shipbuilding, building materials, sporting activities, healthcare and several other fields, and its excellent performance has been entirely mirrored.


  1. Toughness, UHMWPE products’life is 12 times than that of regular nylon polyester.
  2. Applicability, UHMWPE ropes can be used for a long time at extremely-reduced temperature (-200 levels Celsius) and in acid-alkaline seawater. It can also climate tropical rainforest’s harsh environment for a long time.
  3. Outstanding tensile power, extremely-low elongation, its power is fifteen occasions than that of the exact same modulus steel wire, forty% greater than aramid, and its elongation fee is three.five%.
  4. It’s use and lower resistance, greater defend you from individual hurt.

Special Performance:

  1. Large distinct toughness, high certain modulus. The certain toughness is more than 10 occasions that of the very same section of metal wire, and the specific modulus is second only to the special quality carbon fiber.
  2. Low density of .97-.98g/cm3, it can float on h2o surface area.
  3. The elongation at crack is lower, the perform of breaking is huge, and the capacity to take up power is powerful, so that it has exceptional influence resistance and minimize resistance.
  4. Anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-neutron and gamma-ray, high distinct vitality absorption, reduced dielectric continuous, substantial electromagnetic wave transmittance.
  5. Chemical resistance, put on resistance, and prolonged flex existence.

Actual physical Qualities:

  1. Density:Minimal density of .97-.98g/cm3, lighter than h2o, can float on h2o surface area.
  2. Energy:two.8~4N/tex
  3. Modulus:91~140N/tex
  4. Elongation:three.five%~3.7
  5. Its impact absorption power is almost twice as high as that of the PARA-aramid fiber, and the wear resistance is good, and the friction coefficient is little, but the melting stage is only 145-160ºC underneath stress.
Model Dtex Filament Strenth Modulus Elongation      
      cN/dtex g/den GPa cN/dtex g/den GPa %
J97 22 10 38 42.nine 3.eight 1800 2034 a hundred and eighty three.five
J97 55 20 36 40.7 3.six 1500 1695 a hundred and fifty 3.five
J97 a hundred and ten forty 36 40.seven 3.6 1300 1469 130 three.five
J97 220 120 35 39.six 3.5 1250 1413 a hundred twenty five three.5
J97 two hundred 35 39.6 3.5 1300 1469 130 3.5
J98 440 240 32 36.2 3.2 1200 1356 a hundred and twenty three.five
320 32 36.2 three.two 1250 1413 125 three.five
J200 880 240 38 42.nine three.eight 1450 1639 one hundred forty five 3.five
J300 880 320 40 forty five.2 four 1550 1752 a hundred and fifty five 3.5
J99 1760 240 33 37.3 three.3 1250 1413 125 3.five
J200 1760 480 35 39.6 three.five 1300 1469 130 3.5
J99 3550 480 30 33.9 three 1100 1243 one hundred ten three.five
Z5 440 a hundred and twenty 20 22.6 two one thousand 1130 one hundred three.5
Z16 440 one hundred twenty 20 22.6 two 950 1074 95 three.five
ZT 50 440 120 20 22.6 two 900 1017 90 3.5
J92 440 one hundred twenty twenty 22.6 two 800 904 eighty three.five  

Main Purposes:  


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Special High Quality Composite UHMWPE Gloves


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